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Agriculture is not just a profession, it’s a way of life. It is the foundation of our culture and identity, connecting us to the land and the cycles of nature. Our agricultural seeds company is built on this understanding, and we are committed to supporting the farmers and communities who share this deep-rooted passion for the land.

Why Choose Our Seeds?

Our farmer-founded agriculture company offers unique insights and expertise from firsthand experience, providing innovative solutions and products to benefit the industry.

Over a Million Happy Farmers

We proudly serve farmers all across India, delivering the highest quality seeds you deserve. Trust us to keep your fields flourishing.

Diverse Crop Varieties

Our company has introduced over 50 diverse crop varieties. We are at the forefront of agricultural innovation, constantly developing new solutions to meet the needs of farmers.

Leading in Cotton Hybrids

As a licensed sub-licensee of MMB (Monsanto-Bayer) for GM traits, our company has introduced over 30 Bollgard-series of cotton hybrids. We are committed to providing advanced, high-quality cotton solutions for enhanced productivity and resilience.

Make Smarter Decisions: Explore Interactive Weather Conditions

Optimize your yields and manage risks with real-time weather data.

Plan planting and harvesting: Pinpoint optimal windows for planting and harvesting based on forecasted weather conditions.

Monitor for stress: Identify areas at risk from excessive heat or rain, allowing you to take proactive measures to protect your crops.

Track precipitation: Visualize historical and forecasted precipitation patterns to inform irrigation decisions and optimize water usage.

Manage pest and disease outbreaks: Correlate weather conditions with the life cycles of pests and diseases, allowing for targeted preventative measures.

Explore our interactive weather map to gain a deeper understanding of the ever-changing agricultural landscape. Make informed decisions and ensure a successful season for your farm.

When accessing this Weather Map from 📱mobile devices, please ensure that you view it horizontally to fully appreciate the extensive dataset. For an optimal experience, we recommend browsing from a computer for immersive experience. 💻